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Site Guide - Borden Creek Trail (June 16, 2007)

Borden Creek Trail
by Gord Gadsden

Located in the Chilliwack River Valley, this little area is one of many that offer a nice walk with lots of potential to see lots of birds and other wildlife. While I have only recently discovered this little area, considering the great assortment of birds the Chilliwack River Valley supports, I feel the area has high potential to attract many more species than the ones I'm currently able to note in this guide. This area surrounds a Fisheries and Oceans Canada project which consists of a salmon spawning channel and juvenile rearing ponds. The habitat within the area is varied and provides a good mix of coniferous and deciduous woods, dead trees, low shrubs and water habitat. The trail, part of the Trans Canada Trail, is level and in good condition with just a few slightly wet spots. The trail this guide covers is about 800 meters of trail.

Late spring, summer and early fall are the area's busiest time with migration and breeding being the main attraction. Once spring migration is over, a great many good species are left in the area to breed.

Black-throated Grey Warbler and MacGillvray's Warbler are probably the most common breeding warbler species. Hammond's Flycatcher is also common here during this time and are more often heard than seen/identified. Down low in the shrubs the MacGillvray's Warbler is joined by Swainson's Thrush who also nests in good numbers. Warbling Vireos, Ruffed Grouse, Common Nighthawk, Black Swift and Barred Owls have also been seen or heard here. Anything is possible!

The months outside of the 'active' period describe above are more quiet species number wise, is no less dull. American Dipper are seen in the spawning channel searching for salmon eggs. Duck species are more common here as well using the rearing pond. Golden-crowned Kinglets, Chestnut-backed and Black-capped Chickadees, Winter Wren and Varied Thrush are the common species

This area is located just over 21 km up Chilliwack Lake Road. Immediately after the bridge over Borden Creek is a small pullout where you can park. As usual, don't leave valuables in your car and use anti-theft devices. Also be aware that people sometimes camp near the road just off the trail during the weekends. The mess and often rowdy people may sour the experience. The trail head is located on the other side of the bridge from the parking area and leads you down along the spawning channel. Those wishing to explore more can go a little further northwest and will encounter the Chilliwack River.

Click here to download a .pdf map of the trail.


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